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Near Misses and Shots Never Taken

You traded my soul for pogs?!

Pop Culture, Pretty Things, and Lots of Music.

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p 19/04/2014
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D 19/04/2014

Tonight I hung out with one of my friends at his house with a bunch of other people and everyone was getting ready to go out to the bar and so I go into his room to get him and I walk in on him doing a line of coke with a $10 bill and that basically sums up my week.

l 19/04/2014
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Dude man why can’t all my exes just get ugly and stay ugly. Like I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. It’s not inhibiting or the cause of any problems, it’s just annoying.

D 18/04/2014
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D 18/04/2014
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put a letter in my ask

  • ‎A - Available?
  • B - Birthday?
  • C - Crushing on?
  • D - Drink you last had?
  • E - Easiest person to talk to?
  • F - Favourite song?
  • G - Grade i hated?
  • H - Hometown?
  • I - Icecream flavour?
  • J - Jellybean flavour?
  • K - Killed someone?
  • L- Longest friendship?
  • M - Milkshake flavour?
  • N - Number of siblings?
  • O - One wish?
  • P - Person who called me last?
  • Q - Question your always asked?
  • R - Reason to smile?
  • S - Song i last sung?
  • T - Time you woke up?
  • U - Umbrella colour?
  • V - Very best friend?
  • W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
  • X - X rays i had?
  • Y - Your last time you cried?
  • Z - Zodiac sign?
9 18/04/2014
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D 18/04/2014
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Wait what the hell is that room way in the back on the ground floor?

Did I miss something in the last 25 years?

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D 18/04/2014
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For the first time in a very long time I’m choosing to stay in over going out. It just seems so futile, you know? There’s really nothing out there.

l 17/04/2014
D 17/04/2014
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